CEM II / B-LL 32,5 R



Съответстващи с Американските изискванията

ЕС Сертификати

Compliant with European requirements


Compliant with French quality and trade requirements

Portland cement with high early strength

Composition: The main components of this cement according to the BDS EN 197-1 Standard are: clinker from 65% to 79%, varovik from 21% to 35%, and additional components from 0% to 5%. Calcium sulfate is added to regulate the setting time.

Usage: According to the specialist’s instructions, it is used for designing concrete or mortar. It is recommended to work with cement at temperatures ranging from 5°C to 30°C. Lower temperatures delay the setting, while higher temperatures accelerate cement hydration.

Application areas: Reinforced and unreinforced concrete Structures in industrial construction Small-sized concrete products and elements Ready-mixed concrete prepared in concrete plants according to BDS EN-206-1 In construction – for flooring, masonry, plastering, and more.

Delivery: Packaged in bags of 25 kg.